Riding To Get Somewhere ~ or ~ the Invisible Rider

Many in the City of Albany- utilitarian cyclists – ride their bicycles because that is their primary means of transportation. We know that there are “a lot” of these bicycle riders who apparently are not engaged in the discussion on bicycle facilities and bicycle safety issues. They do not appear to join with or participate in the activities of “bicycle advocacy groups.” They do not appear at public meetings and presentations on proposed roadway modifications that may affect them.

The question is: How can we engage with these “riders of necessity” – Utilitarian cyclists – so that their concerns can be brought to the table?


The pictures that follow are from ABC’s collection of people on bicycles” and are not intended to identify or categorize any person or rider but merely to illustrate an issue for outreach and investigation.


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One response to “Riding To Get Somewhere ~ or ~ the Invisible Rider

  1. B.b. Cragon

    Thanks for this reach-out. In addition, there are people like me who use tricycles and trikes outdoors, instead of two wheel bicycles, to exercise because of their physical disabilities. We are not looking for special treatment, just understanding and communication. Mr. B.B. Cragon c 5285733428

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