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Dress Sharp to Be Sharp

ABC T in Classic Colors

ABC T in Classic Colors

Dress sharp to be sharp – wear the “ABC colors.”

You can now order Albany Bicycle Coalition apparel through our new online store. Simply go to , click on “ON-LINE ABC STORE,” and select and order the items you want. We currently are offering men’s and women’s long- and short-sleeved T-shirts in various sizes and colors. All products are emblazoned with ABC’s logo that is recognized around the world. 

All products are locally sourced and reasonably priced. A portion of the revenue will help fund ABC’s advocacy projects.

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Chow Down – Cranksgiving 2013

??????????????????????Saturday’s freezing, windy, snowy evening was a good reminder of the plight of those who lack warm clothing, a bicycle, money to feed themselves, and a warm place to which to return after a “night on the streets” of Albany.

Twenty-three riders showed up at 7 PM for 2013’s Cranksgiving Alley Cat “race” – an international event that gives riders a chance to have some fun while helping others.

Armed with shiny new spoke cards, we started with a quick run from the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Washington Park to the Price Chopper on Madison and then returned to the Monument for a new manifest. The “A manifest” riders collected canned goods and extras. The “B” riders carried a juice/soda from each stop and the other extras. (We even hit a 2-for-1 special on potato chips.)

Snow flurries with 20-degree temperatures were augmented by a steady west wind as we then headed straight into the wind and snow toward the Westgate Plaza and Colvin Ave. for combined stops (thank you Jay and Stacy for combining these) at Hannaford and Price Chopper. While still freezing and with some slippery spots on the pavement, it was back to the Monument to unload and pick up the last manifest for a short crosswind ride to the Delaware Ave. Price Chopper. Riders assembled at the Madison Café at Swan to complete filling the boxes and then helping load the Homeless Action Committee (HAC) van. We had seven large size boxes plus two more in Stacy’s truck for later drop off. The average spent was $19 which equals $437 or about 200 lbs of food donated to HAC. Many hands make light work!Comp

Our ride leaders presented us each with an embossed Cranksgiving pint glass, a nice memento of a great evening. Everyone had a good time and will hopefully return for next year. It is nice to see riders come out and ride to help those without and recovering from addiction. Riders were indebted to Jay and Stacy for a well-organized event and particularly to Stacy who staffed the pickup vehicle at the Monument. Thanks to everyone. We are always open to ideas and future volunteers for 2014.

At 9 PM, it was time to face the wind again and head back to a warm house.

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ABC Donates to Matthew Ratelle Benefit Ride

Tomhannock Bicycles is hosting a “Matthew Ratelle Family Trust” benefit ride on Sunday, 8/18, 9 AM. The Albany Bicycle Coalition made a donation to benefit the late cyclist’s children one of whom was born after his death.

The ride starts at Tomhannock Bicycles, 3149 Rt. 7, Pittstown (10 min. east of Troy). There is a $25 entry fee for a 28-mile loop ride for all levels with food and refreshments after the ride. All proceeds from registrations go to the Trust. Register at Those wishing to contribute individually may make checks payable to the “Matthew Ratelle Benefit Ride” and mail them to the following address:
Timothy Bonnier
ATTN: Matthew Ratelle Benefit Ride
Tomhannock Bicycles
3149 NYS Rt. 7
Pittstown, NY 12094

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Pedal Powered Compost Pickup – 20 Day Assist for Bike/Compost Kick starter

For more info, go to: food-cycle-building-soil-with-pedal-power

What we want to do: Food Cycle, a project of Troy Bike Rescue

Troy Bike Rescue

Troy Bike Rescue

and Collard City Growers, is a bicycle compost delivery project employing neighborhood youth.  It diverts household and restaurant food and yard waste back into the ground on our urban farm all by way of the transportation of the future: The bicycle!

Food Cycle will create a hyper-local compost network that lays the groundwork for a self-sustaining, scalable enterprise. We need the help of financial backers for initial investment.

How we’ll do it:

  • Build cargo bikes and trailers from recycled bikes and parts
  • Grow food in the garden
  • Collect food scraps and other organic material from neighborhood households and businesses by bicycle
  • Pedal the loads to the large compost bins at our garden site
  • Use the finished compost to build more soil in our garden
  • Bikes and trailers will also be used to deliver fresh produce to people in the neighborhood and beyond

Who we are: Collard City Growers is a grassroots demonstration garden and composting project located in North Central Troy.  We turned a vacant lot located in a brown fields-designated area into an urban garden, drawing upon resources from the community and the Upstate New York region to grow produce and the next generation of growers.


Troy Bike Rescue is a collective of bicycle enthusiasts committed to removing bikes from the waste stream and putting them back into use. TBR operates a volunteer-run community bike space where we organize:

Mobile workshops

We help to build bicycle community in the capital region through hands-on education.

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Bicycle Expo 2012 Most Improved Event of 2012

Bike Expo 2012 - Vendor Area

Bike Expo 2012 – Vendor Area

The organizers of Bicycle Expo 2012 extend a big THANK YOU to all our vendors, co-sponsors, and supporters.  We are particularly grateful to the hundreds of visitors who attended the event and supported the vendors.

As we look back over the past four months of preparation, we are pleased with the help from our friends both in the cycling community and in the city government.  The mayor, the director of special events, the city clerk, the chief and officers of Albany Police Department, the Department of General Services staff, the Mayor’s Office of Energy and Sustainability, the Albany Common Council, the print news media, and several radio and television stations all supported us in presenting the second annual Bicycle Expo to the Capital Region.  Several major sponsors provided the funding and in-kind services to expand promotion throughout the community.

Our auction prize donors provided an invigorating aspect of Bicycle Expo 2012.  With our “you-do-not-have-to-be-present-to-win” policy, we had great participation from our guests.  One hundred percent of the proceeds will go toward Albany Bicycle Coalition’s programs in the community.

The Crowd Enjoys Expo

The Crowd Enjoys Expo

The Albany Bicycle Coalition is proud to have presented such a worthwhile event. This event could be the springboard for advancing bicyclists’ rights, policies, and amenities in Albany.   Albany Bicycle Coalition’s objective remains that of having the Capital District declared “Bicycle Friendly.”

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