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Ride of Silence ~ 2023

Riders Sign In
Putting on warm clothes

On a chilly May evening a group of riders set out on the Capital Region’s annual Ride of Silence to commemorate the deaths of bicycle riders. As in past years, Albany Bicycle Coalition ride leaders used Ghost Bike sites as the stopping points for the ride. At each site, riders were briefed on the circumstances that resulted in the death.

Greeting old friends
Jose Perez site

The ride originated at the Corning Riverside Park in Albany and proceeded first to the site of Jose Perez’s (killed 8/3/06, age 60) Ghost Bike at Broadway and Quay St. To avoid crossing the Broadway and the Quay St. intersection, the ride stopped at the Slater’s berth we’re a sign displayed Jose’s name and the date of his death.

Jose Perez site – 2

The ride then headed back on the Empire State Trail to the new Albany Skyway, crossed the Skyway and took local streets to the Edston J. Kirnon (died 7/22/17, age 42) site at North Pearl and Wilson streets.

Edston – Age 42
Going up hill from Broadway after crossing the Skyway.
Going north on 4th Ave.

From the Edston site, the riders headed north on the Empire State Trail/Mohawk-Hudson Bike Hike Trail to the cycle track in Watervliet. They then took local streets to the Joshua Santiago site (killed 7/9/14, age 14) at 4th Ave. and 19th St. A new Ghost Bike was recently installed in his memory. During the stop at Joshua’s site, a local resident asked if she could shout out “Go Joshua!” which she then did.

Approaching the Joshua site
Learning about Joshua, age 14
Joshua’s new Ghost Bike

The 17 riders reversed course back to the boat launch at the Corning Riverside Park where they dispersed.

There is a complete list of traffic victims on the Albany Bicycle Coalition website.

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Ride of Silence 2023

Notes on Deceased Cyclists Whose Ghost Bike Will Be Stopping Points in the 2023 Ride of Silence.

5/17/23 – Ride of Silence – Wed, 5:30 PM. Albany Bicycle Coalition will hold its annual Ride of Silence to commemorate cyclists that have been killed or seriously injured. The ride will leave Corning Preserve Boat Launch in Albany at 5:30 PM. Persons wanting to join the ride later may meet the group when it passes by the Boat Launch again between 6:15pm and 6:30pm. There is no cost for the ride and anyone with a bicycle and a helmet may join. The ride will be approximately 17.5 miles and include stops at sites where persons died while cycling in downtown Albany, Watervliet and Troy.

Jose Perez – 8/3/06 (age 60) Bicyclist killed by SUV, Broadway at Quay St., Albany. Jose Perez was remembered Friday as a man who enjoyed a good debate over the state of the world. Jose did not own a car and used his bicycle to get around, often taking rides at the Corning Preserve bike path along the Hudson River. A friend said, “He went all over on that bike.” Dusk was falling at about 8:30 PM when Perez crossed into traffic near Quay St. and Broadway. A sport utility vehicle heading north could not stop and struck the cyclist head-on. Perez was pronounced dead at the scene. His friend explained “He was probably coming back from the preserve and was a little late. It probably didn’t help that he wasn’t wearing a helmet.” Jose’s sister later left this note on his ghost bike, the first installed in the City of Albany: “Attention: I greatly appreciate those who made this memorial in remembrance of my brother José Perez (Ray) I would very much like for you to contact me. Thank you.” The driver, who passed a sobriety test at the scene, will not be ticketed, police said. [SOURCE: Times Union, Section: Capital Region, Page: B4, Saturday, August 5, 2006]

Jose Perez – 8/3/06

Edston J. Kirnon – 7/22/17 (age 42) Bicyclist collided with side of CDTA bus, N. Pearl St., Albany a block north of the Palace Theater at the intersection of N. Pearl and Wilson sts. The cyclist was killed instantly. Police said, “He was coming down the hill at a high rate of speed and hit the bus.” He was not wearing a helmet. A neighbor, who heard the crash, said the man was her neighbor’s boyfriend. “He was kind and neighborly. He and his girlfriend had a beautiful relationship. They were always surrounded by family and friends, celebrating and laughing. There was a lot of love there.” A witness said there is a bus stop at the corner, but no one was waiting for the bus or getting off, so the driver didn’t stop. There is no stop sign on North Pearl Street, but there is a stop sign on Wilson Street, which is one-way. The bus driver was given field sobriety test at the scene before she was released. She could be seen crying as she got into a car. [SOURCE:]

Edston J. Kirnon – 7/22/17

Joshua T. Santiago – 7/9/14 (age 14) Driver hit and killed cyclist who entered a 4-way intersection going the wrong way on a one-way street without stopping. The incident occurred at 19th St. and 4th Ave. Watervliet at 12:44 AM. Joshua had lived in Cohoes the past nine years and attended Cohoes Middle School. He loved to ride his bicycle and listen to music including Eminem and Hollywood Undead. Joshua is survived by his parents, brother, grandparents, and several aunts, uncles and cousins. [SOURCE: ]

Stephen Nolan 6/6/14 (age 53) Driver killed cyclist, King & Federal Sts., Troy. According to Troy Police, Nolan collided with an automobile on 6/2/14 causing his death. He was hit by a motor vehicle traveling north on King Street. At this point, no charges are expected to be filed against the driver. Stephen was survived by two brothers for whom this message was posted, “I remember Stevie so well from the old neighborhood. I’m sorry to hear of his passing. My thoughts are with both of you at this time.”

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Ride of Silence ~ 5/18/22

For more info, go here – Ride of Silence

Reading the 45 names of Central Ave. traffic victims
Reading the 45 names of Central Ave. traffic victims
Invocation by Pastor Al of the host church
Sign in/reception
Riders absorbing the enormity of the Central Ave. situation

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Deborah Carpenter – Hit and Run 9/1/21

A utilitarian cyclist, Deborah Carpenter, who (apparently) was struck down by a motor vehicle while riding home from work. The crash was near 847 Loudon Rd, Colonie. She was left in the road alive but in a coma and in critical condition. Deborah faithfully rides her bicycle to and from work.

Photo courtesy of the Times Union

From the report, it is hard to conceive that this was a bicycle-only event. Details hopefully to follow from police. Read on –

Several cyclists wrote in with these comments:

From DD: I live not that far from the Latham Traffic Circle and frequently have to deal with the potential hazards of that intersection. I experienced a minor incident a couple of years ago where I was heading North on Route 9. I entered the Circle when a car coming up from behind through the Circle on my left; decided to make a right onto Route 2 heading East. I was thereby forced to alter my course at the last second and turn to the right. I was side swiped by the car and was knocked to the ground. The car did stop and I was able to get up off the pavement before the passing of additional traffic. The driver apologized and asked if I was all right. Both the car and the bike had minor scratches and I experienced some minor cuts and bruises; but was basically all right. I saw no need to get the insurance companies involved. He asked again if I was all right before we continued on our ways. I am NOT a fan of traffic circles. I am cautious when dealing with traffic circles and depending on the time of day and volume of traffic will go out of my way to detour around them. [Emphasis added.] I sincerely hope for a speedy recovery for the injured cyclist.

Photo courtesy of the Times Union

From IV: I heard a newscast, but missed the TU article. Please let me know if I can donate to a fund for Deborah. RE the exam of the bike by police: sometimes if only the back tire is hit, no scratches, paint chips etc. are found, however the rear wheel is significantly out of line with the brakes out of line as well. (My back wheel after the crash impacting me was greatly distorted.) It is worth getting that thought to Colonie Police.

From JF: So awful to hear. Hope they get the information they need to move forward.

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John Lynch Killed in Crash – 7/20/21

UPDATE 9-21-21: John Host Lynch Memorial Gathering – Sat, 9/25, 2:30 PM – Join us at the Albany Barn, 56 Second St., Albany, on September 25 at 2:30 pm to celebrate the life of John Lynch. We encourage you to share stories and memories after a brief ceremony. Friends and family welcome. Questions? – Layla, (845) 616-0626 or the Facebook.

John, a local bicycle and bike rescue luminary and Honest Weight Food Co-op worker, was killed in a car crash in Kingston on 7/20/21. See below. Obituary – John Lynch Obituary (1964 – 2021) – Kingston, NY – Daily Freeman (


John Lynch – 7/20/21 – John was active in the Capital Region bicycle scene and was heavily involved in Troy Bike Rescue as a volunteer and board member. He always had a happy word or smile to share. The fatal crash occurred on Washington Ave. in Kingston. Bike-Friendly Kingston held a memorial ride for John on 7/23/21. One of the comments at Bike-Friendly Kingston, NY | Facebook was “I want to share my appreciation to everyone who attended this event and helped make it happen. As one of the riders who was with John when this accident occurred, seeing such strong community support has been really helpful to my healing. To those who knew John, I want you to know that his last hours seemed filled with a lot of joy. The big smile that was on his face for much of his last ride will always be with me.”

John was active in Kingston as a bike tech at the YMCA’s “Lend a Wheel” Program – see – PHOTOS: Lend a Wheel – Daily Freeman This program offers bicycle repair clinics, loans, and giveaways.

“We also lost a longtime staff person, John Lynch, to a bicycle accident (sic.) in July. John was a bicycle safety advocate and social justice advocate, among all the other things that were commendable about his character. No obituary is available for John at this time. Our hearts and condolences go out to all those who knew and loved John.” (From Honest Weight Food Co-op’s “Honest Slate” Newsletter, 8/21 )

From Troy Bike Rescue …

Photos courtesy Carrie Will and Kingston YMCA

Lynch Ghost Bike

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