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Collar City Ramble – Saturday, September 24 – 9 AM TO 2 PM

Collar City Ramble – Saturday, September 24 – 9 AM TO 2 PM

Get ready to Ramble – Join an exciting tour of Troy’s urban trails by foot, by bicycle, by water, or by GPS in an alternative Transportation Festival. The Collar City Ramble covers Troy in ways that anyone can enjoy. Explore the historical, the undeveloped, the water, and the Hidden Treasures in the urban area.

Go with a tour group or independently. Get materials from the Collar City Ramble booth at the Troy Waterfront Farmers Market.


Ramble Booth

Event Duration (hours): 5 hours (depending on event)

Equipment Required: depends on the activity chosen

Sponsoring organization – Transport Troy – https//

Contact Information –, (518) 429-3909

For Updates – or Facebook

For those coming from Albany and near by ….

The Albany Bicycle Coalition team will meet at 9:00 AM in and ride from the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Washington Park in Albany, NY to the meet-up point at Riverfront Park in Troy. On the way, we will pass through the Corning Riverfront Park on the Hudson River. In Troy, we will join with Transport Troy and other organizations and individuals for the Collar City Ramble. We will ride over the selected route within the city of Troy. The ride will be on paved city streets and paved bicycle/walking trails. It will include a ride on the Uncle Sam Trail and a stop at Knickerbocker Park. This causally paced ride is free and all are welcome. . Link here.


Troy Bike Rescue to the Rescue

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They Are Here – Bicycle Lanes on Madison Ave.!

They Are Here – Bicycle Lanes on Madison Ave.!

Finally – workers are today, Monday, 8/22/16, putting the finishing touches on the new road layout on Madison Ave. from Partridge St. to Allen St.

 See more photos here –

Not surprisingly, when people in cars complete the new one-travel lane segment delimited by the center turn lane on one side and the bicycle lanes and parking lanes on the other, they continue in a “traffic-calmed” single file. How easy it was! Attention Naysayers! – Before the job is 100 percent completed, people have learned how to drive in it.

Moreover, what a dream to ride one’s bicycle.

Dimensions (unofficial – taken from centerline of stripes):

  • Parking Lane – 7’
  • Bicycle Lane/Parking Lane Stripe – 5”
  • Bicycle Lane – 6’
  • Bicycle Lane/Travel Lane Stripe – 6.5”
  • Travel Lane – 10’ 3”
  • Turn Lane – 10’

Credit for this success lies largely with Virginia Hammer, president of the Pine Hills Neighborhood Association, whose diligence, persistence, initiative, and presence at many events guided this new era for the City of Albany into fruition. We need also recognize all those who attended meetings, carried banners and posters, wrote letters, and signed petitions to support the effort to calm Madison Ave. for the benefit of all.

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Corning Riverfront Park – Movin’ Along

Work progresses on the revitalization of the Corning Riverfront Park (formerly “Preserve”) and the accompanying facilities for people on bicycles. Here are several photos to convey the magnitude of the project.

For an update from the Times Union, go here and for a review of the master plan for the area, here.


Albany’s Own “Big Dig”


Near the “Tidal Ponds”



Check Out the Tank Bombs!



Basic Infrastructure Work Progresses


The New Protected Bicycle Lane – Quay St.


Where the South End Bike Link Will Join the Mohawk-Hudson Bike-Hike Trail

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D&H Rail Trails are Not Just in Albany!

If you’re cruising north through Vermont and end up in Poultney, you’ll be pleased to find one segment of another D&H rail trail. If you also have your Brompton in the trunk, you can enjoy an arrow-straight ride starting in Poultney and running south to the NY border or north to Castleton, VT. There’s also a second (unconnected) segment running between West Rupert and West Pawlet. The section south of Poultney has a surface more suited to walking/jogging and mountain/fat tire biking. Thin-tire people will not be amused. In any case, the ride is pleasant and the scenery great.

History buffs will recall the D&H billed itself as the “bridge route” to connect northern Pennsylvania and Eastern NY to Canada and had its start hauling the “tank bombs” of yesteryear from the anthracite coalfields around Honesdale, PA.


NY Bound


That’s a Lotta Slate!


Just a short time ago …


Along the Trail

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Mayor Sheehan Leads the Ride to Work

The Mayor invited people on bicycles to join her on National Ride to Work Day on Frdiay, May 20, 2016. Riders assembled on New Scotland Ave., rode to the new Bicycle Fixit Stations at the Bach Branch of the Albany Public Library, and then on to City Hall where the Mayor treated us all to bagels and beverages.


Getting Ready to Ride

When we stopped at the Bicycle Fixit Station, Albany Public Library Executive Director Scott Jarzombek used the Dero Fixit stand to illustrate how the collection of cable-mounted tools and air pump could be used to keep the Mayor Sheehan’s bicycle in top shape. Other Fixit stands are located at Arbor Hill/West Hill Branch (148 Henry Johnson Blvd.) and the Delaware Branch (331 Delaware Ave.)


These stands are GREAT!


Need an escort?

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