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  • 11/23 – Albany CRANKSGIVING – 11/23. Sat, 12:00 pm, South End Café, 25 Warren St, Albany – This 13th annual Cranksgiving is a family friendly, daytim event with indoor crafts for the children. The event benefits the South End Café to make sure no child in the program goes without a healthy meal. Meet at the South End Cafe at 11:45 AM. The ride departs 12:00 pm and lasts about two hours. You will be purchasing about $15.00 of groceries. You will need a bag/backpack to carry everything, a lock, lights/blinkies, money/charge/debit card, and a helmet. Every cyclist gets a different manifest/shopping list. Some will be riding to the same grocery store, but for different items. You lock your bike, find and purchase the items from the list, and then ride to the next store for other items on your manifest (keep your receipts so we know you did not do a one-stop-shop). There is only one winner, and that is the people who come to the South End Café. Preregister with J at
  • 11/30 – END of the SEASON CDPHP Cycle! BikeShare – Bicycles will be withdrawn for the season on 11/30 2019, there are more than 12,000 members, 41,000 rides, 80 hubs/racks, 350 bicycles, and service in 5 cities. Due to a change in BikeShare policy, you may well see bicycles locked up at non-hub locations – but with a $1.00 bonus credit for retuning a “non-hub bicycle” to a hub.

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