Ride of Silence ~ 2023

Riders Sign In
Putting on warm clothes

On a chilly May evening a group of riders set out on the Capital Region’s annual Ride of Silence to commemorate the deaths of bicycle riders. As in past years, Albany Bicycle Coalition ride leaders used Ghost Bike sites as the stopping points for the ride. At each site, riders were briefed on the circumstances that resulted in the death.

Greeting old friends
Jose Perez site

The ride originated at the Corning Riverside Park in Albany and proceeded first to the site of Jose Perez’s (killed 8/3/06, age 60) Ghost Bike at Broadway and Quay St. To avoid crossing the Broadway and the Quay St. intersection, the ride stopped at the Slater’s berth we’re a sign displayed Jose’s name and the date of his death.

Jose Perez site – 2

The ride then headed back on the Empire State Trail to the new Albany Skyway, crossed the Skyway and took local streets to the Edston J. Kirnon (died 7/22/17, age 42) site at North Pearl and Wilson streets.

Edston – Age 42
Going up hill from Broadway after crossing the Skyway.
Going north on 4th Ave.

From the Edston site, the riders headed north on the Empire State Trail/Mohawk-Hudson Bike Hike Trail to the cycle track in Watervliet. They then took local streets to the Joshua Santiago site (killed 7/9/14, age 14) at 4th Ave. and 19th St. A new Ghost Bike was recently installed in his memory. During the stop at Joshua’s site, a local resident asked if she could shout out “Go Joshua!” which she then did.

Approaching the Joshua site
Learning about Joshua, age 14
Joshua’s new Ghost Bike

The 17 riders reversed course back to the boat launch at the Corning Riverside Park where they dispersed.

There is a complete list of traffic victims on the Albany Bicycle Coalition website.

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