Stop-the-Mayhem Traffic Safety Campaign

As motor vehicles have grown larger, with increases in distracted driving and speeding, more cyclists and pedestrians are being seriously injured and killed. Our roads are still largely designed to carry motor vehicles and are unsafe for all other users.  ABC has joined with organizations locally and statewide for laws, policies and concrete changes to Stop the Mayhem and make our roadways safer for all. See below about how you can help!

Stop-the Mayhem campaign – overview

Crash Victim Rights and Safety Act – write your legislators

Video – Crash Victim Rights and Safety Act

Organizations: join the list of supporters

Crash victim listing, capital region

Cyclist deaths on the rise; U.S. streets are the problem – NPR, May 25, 2022

Ride of Silence 2022 – focus on Central Avenue
Commentary: what can be done about Central Ave. and similar roadways?
Ride of Silence 2022 – Times Union, May 28,2022
Central Avenue deaths: synopsis, 2001 to 2022