Evil Polluters and Killers

Grant Petersen URBAN VELO 33 7-2012

Grant Petersen URBAN VELO 33 7-2012

In the course of an interview with Grant Petersen, founder and president of Rivendell Bicycle Works, in the July 2012 Urban Velo #32, there is this statement, that one might keep in mind:

“I also think that bike riders see cars as inanimate evil polluters and killers because they don’t see the face and eyes of the good person inside.  They see the grill and headlights as a menacing face out to do them and the planet harm.  It’s easy to forget that inside that polluting hunk of metal could be a kind pacifist who does a lot of good in the world.  In the absence of absolute knowledge of who’s behind the wheel, that’s a good assumption to make.”

Of course, I pass this on the day following having been yelled at to “get on the sidewalk” by a big woman in a big car to while enjoying the shared lanes on Lark St.  Maybe she did not notice that I am over 10 years old (in Albany – Riding on sidewalks prohibited –exceptions: children under 10 years of age. Chapter 359, Article 1, Sec 359-4.)

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