Century for New Year’s Resolution

So I’ve heard some people say they want to ride a century as their New Years Resolution. To ride a century you need two things – a good breakfast and a bicycle. Here are a few routes you can follow to cross the achievement off your list.  They can be picked up anywhere and make great weekend rides. I have to thank the members of the HRRT for letting me publish their routes.

2012 Hill Challenge By Jason Stilson

100 Miles of Hill By Andy Reeds (more like 110 jeez)

SAC Hell Ride By Andy Reed

Hell Century By Douglas Southwick

HRRT Century Route 2011 By Jonathan Stillman

Come Climb With Me! By Jonathan Stillman (120 miles, Yes!)

Charlton/Saratoga Battlefield Metric By Jonathan Stillman

Tour of the Battenkil By Jonathan Stillman

Sweat n Summer Century 2010 By Jonathan Stillman

Metric from Charlton Town Hall By Jonathan Stillman

Got Climb?

Happy New Years!

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