Oh Sweet Innovation – BKME

Ah BKME, sweet innovative activism!

Bike Lanes from Casey Neistat on Vimeo.

Bicycles are a great means of transportation – they run on fat and save you cash, opposed from their counter parts which run on cash and make you fat! They are welcome in  cities all across the world. City planners in Portland, Amsterdam, Seattle, New York City and even here in Albany have incorporated encoraging bicycle lanes into their designs. This is great, until motor vehicles start to use bicycle lanes as their parking spots! Luckly we are we have smart people on our side.

Here’s one innovation we could use for evidence to encourage bicycle boulevards.  It’s called BKME. If we were to document all the hazards along the bike lanes in Albany, which there are many, this may go a long way to convince planners that bicycle boulevards would be a safe design. Another note – some of our main streets don’t have bike lanes… what happened to safety first?

From BKME.org

Image from The Bird Wheel

About la velolución

BKME.ORG is a platform that channels the power of cyclists to reclaim bikelanes from vehicles.

We use #BKME on Twitter to collectively defend our bikelanes in realtime, everywhere.

Join the Velolucion.

Who We Are

We are cyclists in NYC.These bikelanes belong exclusively to us.We are determined to defend them to stay alive.

This is why we made bkme.org, as a way to authorize urban access for us all.Think of it as an Open Data platform for collectively recording each violation against our bikelanes, socially in real time.

We are all connected and we must participate in this revolution together.Starting now we always bike together.Join us and defend your bikelane.

This is just the beginning.Viva la Velolución.


Keep in mind we are in super alpha but we are working hard to make BKME even better.

Here is how to join in:

Whether on bike or on foot, Use your mobile device and take a photo of the offending vehicle, take down the license plate andtweet it all to #bkme with your GPS location enabled (here’s how toget a Twitter account and activate geolocation on your device).

We are working on some really cool ideas for the future.To stay current, follow us at @bkme_ny.

Have a comment or suggestions, want to go for a ride? Awesome! We would love to hear from you! Send us an email at us@bkme.org

Yours,The BKME Community

I also want to note that I went through NYS transportation laws. I was unable to find any law prohibiting parking in bicycle lanes by motor vehicles. Here are the laws.

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