How Many Cyclists Exist?

I don’t know how to go about researching this idea. How does one figure out how many cyclists are riding around?

This source says most everyone are cyclists. I find that doesn’t sink in too well.

Any thoughts?


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3 responses to “How Many Cyclists Exist?

  1. Like any survey such as Eagles, US Population, Turtles, etc. You make quadratic equation (squares) the smaller the better and count, using multiple counting methods (days – times – purpose of ride – frequency – weather) increase the accuracy. A simple forecast, lease square is easier, but less accurate. Armchair surveys do not work in these type projections.

  2. Daniel I. Patterson

    For someone who was a political science major this comes off more complex that simple (I’m sure too many surprised! :P). Yet I’m very interested in the number of cyclists. Jim, you seem to understand this more than I do. Where may I go to better understand this? Or is there any current data on this question, “how many cyclists exist?”

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