What is People for Bikes?


People for Bikes

You may have noticed cute flyers around town, specifically at the Albany Downtube. The front resembles a smiling face drawn with a bike in mind. Well those flyers are from People for Bikes, a growing initiation from Bike Belong for the public advocacy of bicycles.

People for Bikes is dedicated to channeling the passion we all share  for the bicycles that keep us fit, get us to our destinations, keep the roads less congested, and help save the earth by saving gas and keeping the air fresh. They are our vehicle to a healthier world, excitement, and adventure. From “who we are.”

People for Bikes wants to gather a million signatures to use as leverage for the support of bicycles. With one unified voice, People for Bikes can speak to law makers, the media, and the public to let them know that here in this great nation, bicycles are loved. From “goals

Please join the effort to help promote and provide a bike friendly United States. Below is part of the message I received after I contributed my voice to the goal of one million signature.

“Thanks for signing the peopleforbikes.org pledge. We’re now one person closer to uniting one million voices for the future of bicycling.

Your voice will help build a national movement with clout and influence. Our unified message – that bicycling is important and should be supported – will resonate with leaders, the media and the public. We’ll work to ensure that new, cost-effective investments are made in bicycling facilities such as bikes lanes, trails, bike-share programs, and more that will benefit us now and well into the future.”

People for Bikes

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