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Rally for Albany’s South End Bikeway Link – Urgency and Benefits

Rally For Albany’s South End Bikeway Link  – Urgency and Benefits

  1. Wednesday, January 21, 2015
  2. 6:00 to 8:00 pm
  3. Albany Public Library – Main Branch
  4. 161 Washington Ave.
  5. Parking lot in rear of library on Elk Street and on the street (street meters go “off” at 6 PM).

Join other stakeholders to discuss the recreational and economic benefits “the link” offers to connect local residents and neighboring communities. Together, our voices can be heard to build a safer path to the Hudson River/downtown Albany.??????????????????????

Advocates and stakeholders will meet on Wednesday, January 21, 2015, 6-8 pm, Albany Public Library Main Branch, Auditorium, 161 Washington Ave., Albany.









By mid October, the 128-year-old Albany Susquehanna coal hauling rail line re-opens as a multi-use path for people on bicycles, walking, or running. It will stretch 9.3 scenic miles from Albany’s Port at Rt. 32/South Pearl St through Delmar to the Village of Voorheesville. While from Western New York, the 360-mile Erie Canalway/Mohawk-Hudson Bike Hike Trail abruptly stops at Albany’s waterfront Corning Preserve. Between the trails lay a 1.5-mile gap — one that forces cyclists onto rushing car commuters on Route 32 and neighborhood streets that are lacking any facilities for people on bicycles except for a few shared lane markings on S. Pearl St.


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Advocacy Day in Albany – August 22

Midmorning, Mayor Sheehan and other dignitaries introduced CarShare in Albany in front of City Hall. ???????????????????????????????The CarShare staff presented the Mayor with an honorary key fob device that allowed her to try out on of the six cars currently available.  In her comments, Mayor Sheehan cited the advent if CarShare as one example of “ . . . the beginning of a transformation to a livable, walkable, bikeable Albany.  To find out if CarShare is for you, go to Capital Car Share. ???????????????????????????????

Under an ever-increasing rainfall, staff from Parks & Trails New York delivered hundreds of postcards from supporters of PTNY’s “Close the Gap” program. Cards came from riders of this year’s Erie Canalway Trail ride who came from NYS, other states, and several foreign countries.  PTNY Postcards 8-22-14 C COMP TU PhotoThese were augmented by cards from the public – all calling for New York State to complete the entire trail by “closing the gaps” – the 80 some miles that currently are on roads and highways.  The wisdom of completing the trail is justified on several levels not the least of which is the economic benefit to communities along the trail

Photos: Mayor Sheehan Tries CarShare, A nice new, red CarShare Ride, Close That Gap!

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Erie Canal Ride

Like many moments in this world you have to grab opportunities as they come to you, or you might miss them. Yesterday I had the opportunity to ride the Erie Canal with a group of riders led by ABC member John Vendetti. The ride was a nice mix of education, perspiration, and fascination.

It all started at the boat launch where John gave us the rundown of the ride with an overview of what the Erie Canal was back when they first built it. Soon we were off and rolling on what was going to be an adventure in cycling, at least for me.

There is something you have to understand about my bike. It is “technically” a hybrid bike, but I found out yesterday that it loves roads better than grass. In fact, yesterday was the first day that I exercised the off-road portion of the bike. I am glad to say that it did perform, but now back to the ride.

It is my understanding, and correct me if I am wrong, that there are sixteen locks (Edit: I just checked and it’s 18 locks –Ken) total. Some of them are closed off to the public and others have been buried over time, but the ones that are left are a sight to see. Especially if you are interested in early American history.

After passing a few locks we came to what was called the Weighlock Building in which boats would come in and get weighed based on the amount of water they displaced. As you can see the stone rock made a nice podium.

After the Watervliet Armory and the rest of the locks we came to my favorite part of the ride, the Cohoes Falls. To think that we have something like that in our own backyard is astounding. While everyone went down to get a closer look I just parked myself on a nearby bench and looked in with wonder at the falls.

Next was a beautiful ride to the Champlain Canal where the trees were changing color and reflecting in the river. At the canal we got to see how it worked, and after a great lunch we headed home through Troy.

Over all the ride was great. There was just enough biking to have a good time with the perfect amount of history and scenery along the way. If John ever does this again I would highly recommend it to anyone.

You know, sometimes life comes at us hard and we feel stressed, but sometimes you just need to take a breath, step back, and be at peace.

Written by Chris Belsole

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