By Their Fruits Ye Thou Shalt Know Them or By Their Business Cards You Can Figure It Out –

As with many organizations, the Albany Bicycle Coalition has evolved its public presentation over the years. This is particularly true in the case of its business card.

The first card was quite abstract and contained little information other than a website and a Google phone number. It was designed by Bob who was also instrumental in getting the Albany bicycle coalition’s designation as a not-for-profit corporation. It had a hint of the logo that the organization later adopted.

Was it a business card or a wine coaster? The second card was quite innovative stylistically. It was created by Marie. Not only was the card a radical departure from the traditional approach but it also introduced the ABC logo which has become a permanent part of the organization’s public image. Marie was a graphic designer with a multiplicity of talents including owning and piloting a cruise ship styled after a Mississippi River paddle boat. They “Caldwell Bell” cruises on the Hudson River and the Champlain Canal with a home port of Schuylerville. Marie took a quite different reproach with a circular. This card had quite a bit of information about ABC. Marie was also the designer and producer of the original run of ABC t-shirts which she did pro bono. But will it fit in a Rolodex? (What’s a “Rolodex?”)

The most recent 2022 card is a traditional approach to business card. It has a lot of information about the organization and will help the user to explore not only the organization but it’s signature product, CapitalNYBikeMap. This card was designed by Glenn

PS – If you want a supply of ABC business cards, send an email to: Albany Bicycle Coalition <a href="http://Albany Bicycle Coalition <>

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