Your New Year’s Resolutions

Resolutions for people on bicycles who want to make cycling safer for all by promoting a positive image of cycling and make the City of Albany and the Capital Region a place where people want to live, work, and relax …

Comments Received after publication:

  • What a great list. Happy New Year, stay safe, stay healthy on & off your bike. (submitted byJKM 1/7/21)
  • Excellent.  I love these resolutions. I only have one modification or supplement to the second one.  If the temperature is below freezing don’t ride if there is black ice and limit rides to 30 minutes.  Don’t Ride below 15 degrees F. (submitted by EH, 1/1/21)
  • Thank you! (submitted by AB, 1/1/21)
  • Good morning – I agree with those pledges, so I guess I’ll pump up my tires today! (submitted by IV, 1/1/21)
  • I will – Smile and say “good morning,” “good afternoon,” “hi,” etc. to everyone I meet while riding.
  • I will – Remember that to increase safety for people on bicycles is to ride my bicycle as often as I can.  All the bicycle lanes, tickets, smart traffic lights, “share the road signs,” blinkie lights, and reflective clothing will do little if not accompanied by MORE PEOPLE riding MORE OFTEN.
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  • I will – Shop locally at locally owned businesses who hire local people and pay a fair wage. (See Local Bike Shops | Albany Bicycle Coalition) I will buy on the internet only when my bicycle shop does not stock or cannot order what I need.
  • I will – Obey the traffic law.  I will stop for signs and signals especially when people in cars or on foot can see me, and I will stay off the sidewalks.
  • I will – Check that my brakes work (lever is a thumb’s distance or more from the handle bars when brake is full “on” and the pads contact the wheel rim braking surface).
  • I will – (added by alert cyclist Eric) – Not ride if the temperature is below freezing especially if there is “black ice.” I will limit rides to 30 minutes and will not ride below 15 degrees F. (unless I am thoroughly prepared for these conditions).
  • I will – Learn how to use CapitalNYBikeMap so that I can help others find stress-free routes in the capital region. (See – CapitalNYBikeMap | Albany Bicycle Coalition )
  • I will – Learn how to sign out a CDPHP Cycle! BikeShare bicycle for day use so that I will be able to help visitors (tourists, family, friends) get a bicycle. (See CDPHP Cycle!)
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  • I will – Be deferential to all pedestrians no matter how crazily they act.
  • I will – Speak out on behalf of people on bicycles in a polite and non-confrontational manner.
  • I will – Signal my stops, scan and signal my turns, and make eye contact with people in cars and on foot.
  • I will – Speak out and write in on issues facing cycling. I will keep up to date on developments that affect safe use of the streets by people on bicycles.
  • I will – Support my local bike rescue (See Bike Rescue | Albany Bicycle Coalition.)
  • I will – Wave and smile to those in cars who are bothered by my presence on a bicycle on my streets (and no “one finger waves,” s.v.p.)
  • I will – Lube my chain and check air in my tires.
  • I will – Be Kind.

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