Rail Trail Officially Open

Local dignitaries, reporters, the public, and some people on bicycles and skates assembled near the Stewart’s on Delaware Ave. Delmar to celebrate the official opening of the Albany County Helderberg Hudson Rail Trail.


Brought to you by …

There’s a handsome “D&H” sign and some very nice gardening easily accessible from Hudson Ave.


The “D&H” Lives On

Although it was nice to see the celebration of a long awaited event, the best part of the day was riding from the ceremony to the trailhead on S. Pearl St. If you haven’t ridden the trail yet, you should.


This is just great!


What’s not to love?


What’s Next?

  • There is a cooperative effort to pave the four miles of trail from Adams St. to Firefighters’ Park in Slingerlands to be completed this year. The Slingerlands-Voorheesville portion is scheduled for 2017.
  • At the other end of the trail in Albany, under city contract, Alta Planning + Design are conducting a feasibility/design study of this critical 1.3-mile connection between the S. Pearl trailhead and the Corning Riverfront Park/Albany waterfront.

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