D&H Rail Trails are Not Just in Albany!

If you’re cruising north through Vermont and end up in Poultney, you’ll be pleased to find one segment of another D&H rail trail. If you also have your Brompton in the trunk, you can enjoy an arrow-straight ride starting in Poultney and running south to the NY border or north to Castleton, VT. There’s also a second (unconnected) segment running between West Rupert and West Pawlet. The section south of Poultney has a surface more suited to walking/jogging and mountain/fat tire biking. Thin-tire people will not be amused. In any case, the ride is pleasant and the scenery great.

History buffs will recall the D&H billed itself as the “bridge route” to connect northern Pennsylvania and Eastern NY to Canada and had its start hauling the “tank bombs” of yesteryear from the anthracite coalfields around Honesdale, PA.


NY Bound


That’s a Lotta Slate!


Just a short time ago …


Along the Trail

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