Resolutions for People on Bicycles

Resolutions for people on bicycles who want to promote a positive image of cycling are probably best left for when the weather is more conducive for getting out on the streets.tumblr_mt3biqgEoE1qblohxo1_1280

So, here goes –

 I will –

  1.  Obey the law – stop for signs and signals especially when setting an example for people in cars or on foot . . .  and stay off the sidewalks
  2. Lube my chain and check my tires
  3. Check that my brakes work
  4. Be deferential to all pedestrians no matter how crazily they act
  5. Smile and say “good morning,” “good afternoon,” etc. to everyone I meet while riding
  6. Shop locally at locally owned businesses who hire local people and pay a fair wage
  7. Speak out on behalf of people on bicycles in a polite and non-confrontational manner
  8. Signal my stops, scan and signal my turns, and make eye contact with people in cars and on foot
  9. Support my local bike rescue and bicycle shops
  10. Wave and smile to those in cars who are bothered by my presence on a bicycle on my streets (no “one finger waves,” s.v.p.)

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