Acknowledging Road Rage


Dear Australian driver, who pulled down your windscreen and yelled “Get out of the way!” while I was on my way to work this morning:

I’m just writing to deeply apologize… for giving you the finger. Seriously, that was very immature of me, and I don’t know why I did that…(!)

I’ve been riding this road for several weeks, and no other driver has ever showed bad behavior as you did to me, not even the slightest. Contrary, we all try to do our best in traffic, and it’s been going great so far. It’s an amazingly beautiful commute that I do almost every day. When you and I met this morning, the road was empty of cars and I kept a little to the left, so you could easily overtake me if you wanted. So I was very surprised and chocked of your manners.

After some thinking, I realised you must be one of those people who has a massive aura of negativity around you and get annoyed with things that no one else cares about. Your life must really suck because of this. You might have had a really bad morning – but you seem to be the only one during my commutes so far who takes it out on other people in traffic. You might be one of those people who drives a shiny car, but lacks everything else. Like love and happiness. Which make me feel really sorry for you.

And I figured there must be something severely wrong with you and/or your life, when you didn’t stop at the STOP sign either (STOP means “stop”). I guess that’s what really upset me and made me act like a baby. It scared me that someone like you drive around on our streets without following the simplest of rules. (Perhaps you ignored this important rule as you realised that if you’d stop, I’d end up right next to you. But seriously, I’m not dangerous, and you’re an adult who should be able to stand up for yourself, right?)

Anyhow, despite your illegal, rude and dangerous manners, I shoudn’t have responded the way I did! Giving you the finger probably won’t give back your hope for humanity, and it certainly doesn’t makes you a happier person or a more respectful driver. I guess it is true what they say, that people’s bad energy and behavour is contagious: you really brought out the worst in me. Which is actually quite amazing that you did, because nothing bring me such joy (regarding how my mornings are) as choosing to ride to work by bike. Perhaps you should try it sometime.

Anyhow. Next time you pull down your window and yell at me, I’ll promise that I’ll give you a big smile and a friendly waive, perhaps a lollie too. You if anyone really needs it.

Once again, I’m really sorry.

Kind regards,

Elin xx


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