Bike Share in NYC and Albanys’ 3rd Annual Bicycle EXPO 2013 + Bicycle Friendly Communities

BicingBarcelonaweb Providentially, the Times Union chose Sunday, May 5, the day of Albany’s 3rd Annual Bicycle EXPO 2013 to run an AP story on NYC’s long awaited (and Sandy delayed) bike share program. Scheduled to begin this month, the scheme will feature 6,000 3-speed bicycles and 330 docking stations. Planned growth will be to 10,000 cycles with 600 stations.

According to the report, there are 534 bike share programs worldwide. Follow the link to red more . . .

On the home front at the Bicycle EXPO, Albany’s own Kate Lawrence from the Mayor’s Office of Energy and Sustainability appeared in a Times Union (5/6/13) photo story. Cyclists are shown being briefed on Albany’s Bicycle Master Plan (see Map 1, pg. 5).

The Mayor’s Office of Energy and Sustainability was responsible for applying for and receiving designation in 2012 of Albany as a bicycle friendly community by the League of American Bicyclists. While Albany, with an honorable mention, does not appear in LAB’s current bronze-silver-gold-platinum listings, it is still in an elite group as there are only two cities, NYC and Rochester, in the rankings. This leaves NYS as a dismal 43 out of 50 states with only one way to go – up.

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