Upper Madison Ave. Street Festival Report

A little over a year ago I was inept at fixing bikes. I couldn’t even clean a chain. Who would have guessed that last weekend I and my colleague and fellow ABR member Mike Barr would be teaching people how to repair bikes in representation of ABR at the Madison Ave. Street Festival. ABC was there as well with a swanky new sign made by Lorenz Worden with our new logo on the front.

After the initial set up Ken went on a coffee run to give us that brown liquid that makes us warm in our bellies in trade for bike repair because his headset had some play in it and his handlebars were loose. Sadly we could not fix his bars, but we removed the play on the stem.

Next was a child who needed his training wheels readjusted. Easy enough.

Lastly there were the bike cops that wanted to swap seats and seat posts. I am always glad to help out the boys in blue.

On the other side of things the APD set up an obstacle course that was supposed to teach you bike skills and was designed for kids bike, but we had to try it anyway. After all of us almost wiped out we all managed to get through big bikes and all.

We then tore down the obstacle course and turned it into a bike polo rink. Of which two out of four people wiped out on and it was taken down soon after.

All in all it was a good day for Pine Hills. With the ABC, ABR, and the APD representing in the way of bike advocacy, repair, and safety it was a good day to be a bicyclist. Also I discovered something interesting. Pine hills has a Google Calendar with all there events on it. So if you use Google Calendar like me you can add it to yours and get all the events that are happening each week, and there is a surprising amount of events up. So go check it out.

Written by Chris Belsole

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