For the Women

We don’t talk much about gender issues on this blog. I am not sure why. It has just never come up. Seeing as bicycling, as I understand it, is geared towards men and in general there are more guys on bikes than girls, not that women don’t ride bikes, I though I’d have a post just for you lovely ladies. God, I hope that did not come out to sexist.

Anyway, I recently came across an article on bicycling while menstruating. Okay now since I just lost half of my audience I’ll move on. Again from Commute by Bike comes a really interesting article about a very particular situation. My name being Christopher and not Christina I really can’t tell you about it. So I’ll just let blogger Stacey Moses do my talking.

“Experts agree! One of the most common, drug-free recommendations for dealing with menstrual cramps is to ‘get regular exercise. This improves blood flow, produces pain-fighting endorphins, and may reduce pain.’ As a lifelong athlete, I have always found that a good workout, whether it is a bike ride or other cardiovascular exercise, makes me feel much better physically, restores some of that energy that may be lagging the first day or two of my cycle, and does wonders to clear my head.”

There is a lot more interesting and useful information in the post. So go check it out.

If you are a female and would like to write for this blog  send us a message in our contact form.

Written by Chris Belsole

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