Club Day at Broadway Bicycle Co.

Here is some exciting news! Tomorrow on Saturday the twenty-second of October the Broadway Bicycle Co. is having a 30% off sale for everyone that is part of a bicycle club. Which means that everyone from ABC, ABR, MHCC, etc. can go there tomorrow and pick up a pair of something on the cheap. I talked to them yesterday about how to prove you are a member of ABC since we don’t have identification. They said to just mention it and that would be okay.

This has led to something else maybe even more momentous, but we are still working out the details on that one. Just expect that there will be good times for all in the very near future.

I know what I am going to pick up. My folding bike has been absent front and rear lights for quite some time.

Written by Chris Belsole


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2 responses to “Club Day at Broadway Bicycle Co.

  1. Mom

    Lights – finally!! Now I don’t have to worry…….LOL

    • Christopher

      For everyone that doesn’t know this is my mother. Unlike the rest of the world she thinks LOL stands for Lots of Love. It’s sweet so I leave it alone.

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