Broadway Bicycle Co. Comes To Albany

So I have been sitting on this article for a while. I visited these guys last month on an errand pack carbohydrate fueled ride that took me from the state campus to Planet Fitness. Then from Planet Fitness over to Broadway Bicycle Co. Finally to Albany Medical Center. Don’t worry, it wasn’t for myself. Although yesterday a car cut in front of me, hit my wheel, and I almost went to Albany Med, but that’s another story.

So I pull up to Broadway Bicycle Co. bursting with victorious pride that I’d just canceled my Planet Fitness membership in favor of a more DIY (bike) solution to my weight problem. One of the guys who ran the store, Patrick, was sweeping up outside, saw me coming, and invited me in. Once inside I met the other manager, Matt, and we talked for a while about bikes and what their store is all about; which I’ll get to in a minute.

After we were done talking Patrick gave me the tour. Let me start out by saying this place is immense. The two story building was packed to the brim with bikes and apparel. Not counting the fitting room, the spinning room, and the VIP room for experimental bikes. Another neat area was the hang out section. Think coffee shop atmosphere meets bike store. With the free wi-fi and comfy couches it could be a nice place for people to meet and hang out. Bring your own coffee though.

When the tour was over I just started browsing, and man, I’ve never seen so many bike shorts in my life. In fact, I need a pair so I’ll probably stop down there in the next few days. That and a road bike, but that’s another article.

We got to talking again and I thought I’d throw them some questions. Now I don’t claim to be an expert on bicycles, but I know a thing or two. So I asked them a few questions and they answered them exceptionally. I even posed them a few problems and they gave me solutions that I would have not have thought of; so A+ on that part.

Now, you are probably thinking to yourself, “Alright Chris, you had a nice day looking around a bike shop. So what does that mean for me?” Well I’ll tell you exactly what it means, or rather what sets this shop apart from other shops in the area like the Downtube or CK’s cycles.

  1. Every Saturday morning they guys run a bike clinic where you can come in and learn how to repair bikes. The lessons vary based on how many people show up.
  2. They have a six month wellness program where if/when you buy a bike there they will do all the maintenance free for six months. Compared to the Downtube’s one repair a month after buying the bike that’s a great deal.
  3. They also sell used bikes there. So if you don’t have the money for a new bike that is a nice cheap alternative.
  4. Even nicer you can exchange a used bike for money off of a new one. So if you have a garbage bike sitting in your garage you might consider getting rid of it for some money off a better bike.
  5. They deal in Specialized, RedlineOrigin8, Kent, and We the People

There are other things, but I’ll let you discover them for yourself.

All in all I enjoyed my time at the store and I recommended everyone give it a visit to see what they have to offer.

Written by Chris Belsole

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