Sitting Solidly

I am not a brave person. I ride the Washington Ave. Extension, but that’s because I follow the rules of the road and am comforted by the hope that drivers do as well. Maybe it is more correct to say that I don’t take unnecessary risks.

What brought me to this though was a timely article that I read from the London Cyclists about saddles and being comfortable. Today was my first day riding with my brooks, as mentioned in the article, and under my shorts I sport my cycling shorts in all of their padded glory. You see, with a leather saddle there is a “breaking in” period in which the leather is hard as a rock. After losing 130 lbs. and quite a bit of cushioning down there my bones are left baron and therefore the shorts in all of their padded glory.

I’ll probably come out with an article in a month of how the breaking in process is going, but for now I’ll keep my shorts snug and my bike upright.

What do you sit on?

Written by Chris Belsole


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2 responses to “Sitting Solidly

  1. Your saddle will get softer, but you may want to try changing the saddle’s tilt and fore and aft positioning. I have found well positioned Brooks saddles to be comfortable from day one, broken in or not. It is a matter of getting your sit bones positioned over the widest part of the saddle with little else touching. The nose should be level leaving the back of the saddle slightly elevated. Good luck!

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