A Tale of Masi and CK

I rarely talk about CK’s Cycles. I have had little dealing with them in the past due to the closeness of the Downtube and the freshness of Broadway Bicycle Co. After yesterday I regret that fact; the fact that I did not check out their store sooner and form a relationship with the people there. An error which was amended yesterday.

After getting a call the day before I rode the new Bus+ line to the stop near the mall to land closest to CK’s Cycles where my new bike waited for me with, I hope, the same vigor that I wanted to ride it. Soon I was inside, and I wish I got the people’s names, and one of the guys hoisted my bicycle from the basement where it sat waiting for me with all the freshness that comes with a new bike. I gleamed when I saw it; its paint reflecting in all its glory. In fact I was so hastened to ride that I completely forgot to adjust the seat as I went out the door. A little sheepish I went back in, got it on a trainer, and perfected the seat height.

Off I went bounding over the distance that I once could only traverse at a moderate pace daring to push myself faster and faster until my legs and the bike could give no more.

I learned a few things on that ride. One was that the front derailleur needed adjusting, and the other was that my neck really hurt. Bringing back the bike to CK’s I explained what I learned and they corrected the problems adjusting the derailleur and flipping the stem so the handlebars raised a little affording me more comfort. They spent a lot of time on my bike making sure it was perfect before they let me go. I thank them for that.

Before I paid and left with my new bike they explained to me that I had a free repair within a year, a year. I have never heard of that. If I recall correctly the Downtube only gives you a month and Broadway Bikes gives you a few, but a year!?  I guess I’ll see them this time next year after riding through the winter, hopefully not, blowing out every expendable part on my bike. Hehehe.

This morning I stuck my “clipless” peddles and my Brooks saddle, which I bought a while back and never used, on my Masi, man that feels good to say, and headed off to work skipping breakfast to save time in the morning.

Thank you for all that you did CK Gentlemen. I appreciate the excellent service, the attention to detail, and the love and care you put into every bike you build. I would recommend this shop to anyone, especially people who ride BMX, and I will probably visit them again to talk about wheels. Expect an article on that as well.

This just goes to show you, treat people right and they will love you for it. Treat bloggers right and you will get publicity.

[Images by Ken Prunier]
Written by Chris Belsole


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4 responses to “A Tale of Masi and CK

  1. You guys. Seriously. You can’t link to images in your google account. They aren’t viewable to anyone else.

  2. CK is a great place. I am happy you found them! You never mentioned you went road bike. Sweet bike, congrats.

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