Summer Cycling Gear

Summer is here again. Time to get those shorts out because the temperature is rising and people are flocking into the world that winter kept so isolated. The London Cyclist blog has a great article on summer clothing so I won’t replete them in hopes of looking more professional. I will however share a tip I was given by a thrifty friend of mine who does triathlons and is used to buying cycling apparel.

Ebay, but not just Ebay. There is a specific shop called LOVE2PEDAL. This is where I bought my cycling shorts, I am actually wearing them right now, for $9.95 plus $5 shipping, but if you buy a bunch of stuff you can group it all together. What you do is you make the minimum bid whenever you can. If you don’t win don’t worry. They replace the items every day so a new chance to claim your items will happen often. They are not the greatest bike shorts, but at $15 dollars a pair, if you don’t save on the shipping, they are a steal, and with an unbroken Brooks saddle they are a must.

Drink plenty of water. Happy riding.

Written by Chris Belsole

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