The State of Madison Ave.

A while ago Jeremy asked:

“Has there been any progress made toward the Madison Ave. traffic calming project? It had been almost a year since the common council voted unanimously to support the proposal which is also supported by the Pine Hills NA, but I have heard nothing on this.”

So being to “professional” investigative journalist that I am I set to the task of getting the lowdown.

It all started when I stumbled across the Delaware Ave. street fair that was going on last weekend. I stopped at a boot that was talking about Albany 2030, a group I wrote about previously. There was a member of the common council there who was very nice and put me in touch with my districts representative, who (I hope) we all know from her work to get the study pushed through in the first place, Leah Golby. I e-mailed her for more information with all the proper aplomb I could muster. Here is what she said:

  • The mayor’s 2011 budget included borrowing funds for a feasibility study for traffic calming (road diet) on Madison Avenue.
  • Community Members (Virginia Hammer and Lorenz Worden) have secured financial commitments to support the feasibility study from Price Chopper, St. Rose, Albany Med and Columbia Development.
  • In May or June of this year the Common Council approved the borrowing for the study (all borrowing needs to be approved by the Common Council even if it is included in the city’s budget).
  • A Request for Proposal will soon be issued by the city seeking a firm to conduct the study.
  • It is my understanding that the study will be conducted in the fall.

So it seems everything is moving forward. If the study is done by the fall and analyzed in the winter maybe construction could start in the spring. That’s me being positive.

Written by Chris Belsole


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2 responses to “The State of Madison Ave.

  1. Lorenz M. Worden

    Madison Ave. Traffic Calming

    All cyclists, pedestrians, residents, and MOTOR VEHICLE OPERATORS should recognize that the re-design of Madison Ave. from Manning Blvd. to Lark St. into 2 parking lanes (as at present), 2 bicycle lanes (new), a center turning lane (new), 2 motor vehicle travel lanes (reduced from 4), and additional signal changes and pedestrian amenities is a major step forward for Albany. These changes – even before construction – will set a new tone for this city and will serve and a model to follow for those who visit and work in NY’s capital and for other city planners statewide. When implemented, the changes will benefit all of us.


  2. Jeremy

    Thanks for the investigative journalism! I think you’re being overly optimistic about the schedule. I also think that the feasibility study is largely a waste of the city’s time and money. There are countless case studies across the country which should be looked at instead… Traffic calming works on roads with <20,000 trips/day. It will improve safety for all road users and likely reduce travel time for cars during all but the busiest hours. The city should be doing a design-build contract on a job like this. Let's get it done!

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