Albany 2030: Your city Your Future

Sick, tired, went to work anyway. Sorry I have been absent on my posts as of late, but let’s get through this one so I can get back to my tea.

So what is Albany 2030? Is it some kind of movie, terminator style, where human beings fight to survive in some sort of alternate dimension where gerbils rule over humans and orangutans rule the gerbils? Not quite as cool as that. Why don’t I let them tell you what it is:

Albany 2030: Your City, Your Future is a process to create the City’s first Comprehensive Plan. The Albany Comprehensive Plan will include the City’s collective vision for the future, as well as maps, policies, and guidelines that describe how to achieve that vision (See FAQs: “What is a Comprehensive Plan” for more info). The City has many completed and ongoing planning initiatives, including neighborhood revitalization plans, redevelopment programs, economic development plans, housing initiatives and studies, and recreation and greenway plans.”

If you would like to get involved now (me) you are pretty late in the game (awww). Luckily for you (me) there is a meeting today from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at  the main branch of the  Albany Public Library (Yay!). This meeting is the second in a series of “Climate Conversation” meetings where “The Mayor’s Office of Energy and Sustainability invites you to enjoy light refreshments while you participate in a conversation about climate change as we prepare the City’s first Climate Action & Adaptation plans as part of Albany 2030.”

For a full list of scheduled events follow the link.

Also I would like to thank Bob for bringing this to our attention.

Written by Chris Belsole

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