Fifties Cycling Films

Old videos from the fifties are nice in that they reflect a time where things were simpler and everyone was getting along. Forget about the fact that there are no minorities present in any of them, but enjoy them for what they are. Wrap it all up a pleasing British accent and some catchy music and you have the recipe for, as the Flintstones put it, a gay old time.

What’s funny, besides for the British idioms and dry humor, is that it does not look like cycling has changed that much in fifty years. Sure we have become faster and lighter, but take the bikes from the film and put them on the road today and they would not seem out of place.

[from UtilityCycling via Treehugger]

Written by Chris Belsole


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2 responses to “Fifties Cycling Films

  1. Thanks for the journey! Loved the bicycles.

  2. I agree, not much has changed in cycling. However, amenities such as the train, are advanced compared to what we have here in the majority of the US.

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