Travel Channel’s Triple Rush

I first heard of this show from this post by the bike snob. Triple Rush is a show on the Travel Channel that focus on bike messengers in NYC. After watching all the clips they had on YouTube I don’t know how to feel about this show or the bike messenger profession in general. On the one hand they are providing a useful service that, let’s face it, in NYC is vital to delivering things on time. On the other hand they are making us all look bad.

The fact is that these people need to get where they are going as fast as they can so the laws are more guidelines to them. Granted they never specifically say on the show, “Yeah, I run red lights,” but in the clips they are doing just that and weaving in and out of cars going both ways. It would be nice if someone saw that and thought to them self that that was just the behavior of bike messengers. Instead the attitude seems to be that that is standard bicycle behavior for everyone in general.

If I get the travel channel will I check out an episode? Maybe.

Written by Chris Belsole

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One response to “Travel Channel’s Triple Rush

  1. Alex

    I think the general public view messengers as a different breed of cyclist.
    We all knew they were nuts since Puck from the real world season 1.
    I saw the first episode of triple rush and as a cycling enthusiast, I wasn’t all that enthused. Yeah, cool fixies, middle-aged hipsters, and near misses are fun to watch but I don’t think the profession is glorious enough to merit a tv show.

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