Albany Bicycle Coalition Reaches Out to the Community

Over the April 8-10, 2011 weekend, ABC members hosted an information table at the L.L. Bean Colonie Center Spring Sports Weekend. This event was for outdoor enthusiasts with free clinics and demonstrations on paddling, hiking, camping, and other spring sports. At the other end of the consumption extreme, we were at the Hudson-Mohawk Reskilling Festival in Troy which featured exhibits and demonstrations on climate change, wind power, bicycling, composting, urbanism, and other skills. ABC members used both events to promote bicycling and the work of the Albany Bicycle Coalition with a special emphasis on Complete Streets. The reception of our message by the shoppers at L.L. Bean and the attendees at the Reskilling Festival was very favorable.

We distributed literature on ABC, Bicycle Month 2011, other bicycle related events during April and May, Shared Bicycle Lanes, and cyclist/driver responsibilities.

Written by Lorenz Worden

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Filed under Activism, Events, Support the Cause

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