First Annual Bike Expo – Volunteers Needed

A letter to the abc membership:

In a little less than two weeks ABC will host a region wide bike expo, the first in our
area. It is a great opportunity to begin a process of cooperation with various local
organizations all promoting similar lifestyles. And to have some fun too.

We didnʼt anticipate the permit process would take so long, but it did. We submitted the
permit application on Jan 18 and received the permit by letter on April 7. It wasnʼt until
then that we could begin to secure the insurance policy, solicit sponsors, vendors,
donations, etc and consequently we have to scale back our expectations for the “event”
part of the expo. There are still three excellent rides being offered by the Mohawk
Hudson Cycling Club, the New York Bicycling Coalition and the ABC and we have the
Downtube Bike Shop offering help at the event. That is a TREMENDOUS BEGINNING
to hosting this inaugural bicycle event. I am appealing to anyone that wants to help build
on whatʼs already in place. If you would like to volunteer for any position listed below,
please call me.

1) To post fliers around town. Call for specifics.
2) Help on the abc ride, “ride guides”, a sweep, rest stop personnel.
3) To come up with ideas for our info booth, membership drive?
4) Merchandise for giveaways or resale.
5) An ABC banner
6) We are also in need of a coffee/ snack vendor for morning, a lunch vendor for
afternoon although “The Barge” is scheduled to be open for business by April 29. Any
ideas would be gratefully accepted.

This is also a learning process, and mistakes and misunderstandings may occur.
Letʼs keep it positive and come out and enjoy an opportunity to ride and to socialize with
like-minded people and as our mission states “to bring together the Albany area
community for a family-friendly celebration of spring, the Hudson River waterfront and

John Vendetti ABC

Written by John Vendetti


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2 responses to “First Annual Bike Expo – Volunteers Needed

  1. jenn

    You say “in less than two weeks” but don’t give an exact date. I’m really interested in this–such a great idea–but I am guessing I won’t be around. Need an exact date though…. Even if I’m not around, I’d be happy to do some “flyering”

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