Madison Ave. Traffic Calming Results

There was a quiet congratulation last night for everyone involved when the common council voted unanimously to support the Madison Ave. traffic calming effort in which the street would be repainted to include three lanes instead of four. It seemed that there was some opposition to it initially, but once all the votes were counted the naysayers flipped their vote.

Something interesting came out of one of the speeches one of the council members gave before the vote. Apparently one of the council members, I forget which one, and if you were there maybe you can post it in the comments, got a grant to put sixty bike racks all around the Lark St. area. This comes as a welcome respite to the current situation because the only places to chain your bikes on some parts of that street are out of the public eye and therefore a little more risky.

So over all the night was a success. Don’t forget to come tonight to the Capital Region Transportation Forum which will be at the Albany Public Library, Main Branch Auditorium at 161 Washington Avenue at 7:00 pm. I’ll see you there.

Written by Chris Belsole

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