Support the Cause: Madison Ave. Meeting – Mon. Sept. 20th

Dear Cyclists,

The Madison Avenue resolution is in the attached document.  It is 96.92.10R — it is the last piece of legislation in the packet.

This is close to a landmark resolution as it may set the stage for Albany’s forging ahead with a “complete streets”program even without the NYS legislation.

If you are interested in supporting this resolution – and you should be – please come to the meeting (Monday, 7:00 PM, 9-20-10) and speak (5 min limit) during the public comment period.  (You will have to sign up to speak (434-5090 or at the meeting).  You do not have to speak – your presence will speak for you.

Regardless of the outcome, we are indebted to Council Members Golby and Conti for supporting this initiative.


Written by Chris Belsole

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