1st Annual ABC Picnic

The day started late, and it was totally my fault. I broke my crank arm on my bicycle and had a loaner. Everyone else arrived at the monument on time, I arrived late at 12:45… Thankfully, that was the only downfall on the perfect day. The weather was perfect as we started riding towards Five Mile Waterworks. We took Western to the loop around UAlbany to Fuller rd. The ride to the park was nice and slow. We arrived at Five Mile around 1:30 and John was there with his van with a great spot picked out. It didn’t take long for the charcoal to get going along with interesting conversation.

Whenever a bunch of us get together the conversation is always great. This time we also added awesome food. I give thanks to everyone who came and brought dishes, it helped make the picnic such a success. Chris B brought vegetable bruschetta with awesome bread, Lorenz makes a kicking cucumber salad, Paula besides carrying coolers on her big momma brought awesome fresh pears, chips and burgers which we didn’t even get to. John, Ken and I brought skewers with lots of veggies and different kinds of meats on them. John also brought the makings of s’mores which was the perfect finish to the meal.

Everyone was stuffed by the end of that meal and there were a ton of leftovers. Overall, it was a perfect day with an interesting ending with something found discarded in the grass.

Written by Toni Cameron

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