Transportation Forum Highlights

Better late then never, Tuesday the 21st of September there was a forum on transportation hosted by the New York State Transportation Equity Alliance (NYSTEA) which was held at the Albany library main branch. The night started off well because it was catered with food from the Co-op which I don’t have to tell you was delicious. After we sat down, bellies full of good food, the first speaker up was Leah Golby who gave the introduction and laid down a general theme for the night. You may remember Ms. Golby for her support in getting the common council to support the Madison Ave. traffic calming project which passed Monday Sept. 20th unanimously 15-0. After she spoke various people from organizations such as We Act for Environmental Justice, the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, Empire State Future, and a few others got up and gave their respective presentations about how there organizations are working to improve the transportation problem for not only Albany, but all of New York as well.

All in all it was a good night. Speaking for myself, I enjoyed the entire event because it brought to light many issues that are facing New York as a whole and put everything in prospective. We are definatly living in intresting times.

For more info on NYSTEA and what they are doing visit their website or e-mail them at

Written by Chris Belsole

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