Support the Cause: Letters for a Complete Street

Dear Cyclists and Wannabes,

S5711B – the stalled Senate bill calling for a “complete streets” approach to road design in New York State needs your help.  The bill has been sitting in the transportation committee since May 2010.  It passed the Assembly.

I hope you will check out the bill at  Then, write a letter (sample attached) or send an e-mail urging the Senators to (1) get the bill out of committee and (2) approve it on the Senate floor.

Note to PHNA-ers – I wrapped Madison Ave. into the letter, so it’ll be an easy edit for you!  With Complete Streets in law, the MAC will be reinforced as the right way to go!


Info after the jump.

For Senator Breslin

The Honorable Neil D. Breslin

New York State Senate

502 Capitol
Albany, New York 12247
Tel: (518) 455-2225

For e-mail:

For the chair of the Transportation committee

The Honorable Martin Malavé Dilan

Albany Office
New York State Senate

811 Legislative Office Building
Albany, NY 12247
Tel:   (518) 455-2177 / Fax:  (518) 426-6947

Sample Letter for the Complete Streets Bill

Written by Chris Belsole

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