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Cycle the Erie Canal Finish Line Volunteers

Parks & Trails NY is looking for VOLUNTEERS for this year’s Cycle the Erie Canal Finish Line Celebration – Sunday, July 17, Albany Heritage Area Visitors Center, Quackenbush Square. Arrive at 9:00 AM – instructions and setup. If possible, please stay until at least 1:30 PM. If you are interested in volunteering, please let us know by July 5.


The Erie Canalway Trail is a cycling destination that spans New York State, following one of the world’s most famous manmade waterways. Cycle the Erie Canal is an annual 8-day bike tour from Buffalo to Albany. Riders of all ages, from all over the country, travel across New York for a one-of-a-kind experience. And they all finish in Downtown Albany!

Be a part of a major Downtown event, welcome and celebrate with visitors coming to our City, support and promote ridership in Albany, and have some fun with your friends, neighbors, and guests.

Don’t forget, YOU help make this Finish Line a celebration… enjoy area restaurants (Albany Pump Station, the Olde English Pub), local food trucks, and live music!

Please arrive at 9:00 AM for instructions and setup. We understand you may not be able to stay all day, but it would be helpful if volunteers could stay until at least 1:30 PM.

If you are interested in volunteering, please let us know by July 5.

More about the Tour – here.

PTNY has the following volunteer needs for this year’s Cycle the Erie Canal Finish Line Celebration, which will occur on Sunday, July 17 at the Albany Heritage Area Visitors Center at Quackenbush Square. Undoubtedly, we’ll have a few riders who come in early, but the finish line doesn’t officially open until after 10 AM. However, we’d like all volunteers there at 9:00 AM to help setup. It would be helpful if volunteers could stay until at least 1:30.

Interested volunteers should let us know by July 5.

Primary Volunteer Needs:

Bike Parking Assistant: NEED 1  (Description: Assist riders in parking bikes in bike corral; monitor corral)

9:00 AM – 1:30 PM

Shuttle Registration Assistant: NEED 1   (Description: Assist PTNY staff with shuttle registration, handing out shuttle tickets, and directing riders to bike loading and shuttle luggage staging areas)

9:00 AM – 1:30 PM

 Information Table Assistant: NEED 1  (Description: Assist PTNY staff in distributing general information – including directions for shuttle, bike shipping, shower and train station locations, and other services)

9:00 AM – 1:30 PM

Route Assistants: NEED 5  (Description: Direct riders from the terminus of the Erie Canalway Trail at the boat launch in Corning Riverfront Park to the finish line at Quackenbush Square via an on-road connection; volunteers will be placed at multiple intersections and turns along the road route; volunteers may want to arrive on bike to be able to be able to reach their locations more quickly)

9:00 AM – 1:30 PM

Parking Lot Assistant: NEED 1  (Description: Assist PTNY in managing traffic flow through parking area at rear of Visitor’s Center) 9:00 AM – 1:30 PM

Floater: NEED 1  (Description: Various tasks as needed in coordination with PTNY staff) 9:00 AM – 1:30 PM

Other Volunteer Needs:

Welcome/Cheer Section: NEED 5  (Description: Welcome and cheer cyclists and they approach finish line at Albany Visitor Center at Quackenbush Square) 9:00 AM – 1:30 PM

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Corning Riverfront Park – Movin’ Along

Work progresses on the revitalization of the Corning Riverfront Park (formerly “Preserve”) and the accompanying facilities for people on bicycles. Here are several photos to convey the magnitude of the project.

For an update from the Times Union, go here and for a review of the master plan for the area, here.


Albany’s Own “Big Dig”


Near the “Tidal Ponds”



Check Out the Tank Bombs!



Basic Infrastructure Work Progresses


The New Protected Bicycle Lane – Quay St.


Where the South End Bike Link Will Join the Mohawk-Hudson Bike-Hike Trail

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Rail Trail Officially Open

Local dignitaries, reporters, the public, and some people on bicycles and skates assembled near the Stewart’s on Delaware Ave. Delmar to celebrate the official opening of the Albany County Helderberg Hudson Rail Trail.


Brought to you by …

There’s a handsome “D&H” sign and some very nice gardening easily accessible from Hudson Ave.


The “D&H” Lives On

Although it was nice to see the celebration of a long awaited event, the best part of the day was riding from the ceremony to the trailhead on S. Pearl St. If you haven’t ridden the trail yet, you should.


This is just great!


What’s not to love?


What’s Next?

  • There is a cooperative effort to pave the four miles of trail from Adams St. to Firefighters’ Park in Slingerlands to be completed this year. The Slingerlands-Voorheesville portion is scheduled for 2017.
  • At the other end of the trail in Albany, under city contract, Alta Planning + Design are conducting a feasibility/design study of this critical 1.3-mile connection between the S. Pearl trailhead and the Corning Riverfront Park/Albany waterfront.

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Mayor Sheehan Leads the Ride to Work

The Mayor invited people on bicycles to join her on National Ride to Work Day on Frdiay, May 20, 2016. Riders assembled on New Scotland Ave., rode to the new Bicycle Fixit Stations at the Bach Branch of the Albany Public Library, and then on to City Hall where the Mayor treated us all to bagels and beverages.


Getting Ready to Ride

When we stopped at the Bicycle Fixit Station, Albany Public Library Executive Director Scott Jarzombek used the Dero Fixit stand to illustrate how the collection of cable-mounted tools and air pump could be used to keep the Mayor Sheehan’s bicycle in top shape. Other Fixit stands are located at Arbor Hill/West Hill Branch (148 Henry Johnson Blvd.) and the Delaware Branch (331 Delaware Ave.)


These stands are GREAT!


Need an escort?

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“Fix it” at the Albany Public Library

On May 13, 2016, staff from the Albany Public Library, the Capital District Transportation Authority, Capital Roots, Capital Region Complete Streets, and the Albany Bicycle Coalition celebrated the installation of three Dero-brand Bicycle Fixit Stations at branches of the Albany Public Library. The photos tell the whole story:

  1. Mike of the Albany Public Library who installed all the stands. He appears here with his handiwork at the Arbor Hill Branch


    Man of the Hour – Mike

  2. The first “customer” – Albany Police Department Police Officer re-attaches his toe clip.


    This is GREAT!

  3. Executive directors Amy Klein of Capital Roots and Michael Franchini of Capital District Transportation Committee confer



  4. Riders at the stand at the New Scotland Ave. Branch


    Delaware Ave.

  5. Riders at the stand at the Delaware Ave. BranchThe Albany Public Library and Albany Bicycle Coalition successfully applied to the Capital District Transportation Authority for funding under its Traffic Safety Ambassador Program. Each service area of the Albany Public Library now has a repair stand conveniently located near the front of each host branch.


    New Scotland Ave.

A Press Conference was held at the Arbor Hill/West Hill Branch (148 Henry Johnson Blvd.) followed by a group ride to the Bach Branch fixit station (455 New Scotland Ave.) and to the Delaware Branch fixit station (331 Delaware Ave.)

The Traffic Safety Ambassador Program made $20,000 in Federal funding available for capacity building projects designed to assist public, private, and non‐profit organizations in the Capital Region in providing bicycle and pedestrian safety education and training. This program works to achieve the following New Visions 2040 goals: 1. Improve bicycle and pedestrian safety by reducing the number of vehicle crashes involving bicyclists and pedestrians and 2. Increase the number of bicycle and pedestrian trips (especially commuting trips) in the Capital Region.

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