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Earth Day EXPO & Bicycle PARADE – Sunday, April 17, 11 AM-4 PM – Washington Park Lake House

CALL FOR Earth Day Expo 2016 VOLUNTEERS ~ Be part of the fun and help your neighbors “go green.”

  • Escorted EARTH DAY bike ride – Join us for a 12-mile escorted bicycle ride to award-winning “green” buildings on city streets. Ride begins at the Lake House at 9 AM and returns to Washington Park at 11:30 AM where “tykes on trikes” can join in the fun. Helmet required. Riders under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Live Music
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Children’s Activities
  • Solar Energy Display
  • Vendors featuring Earth-Friendly Products and Services
  • Event will be held rain or shine!

JOB OPENINGS: We need people for the following jobs. If interested, send an email, and we’ll contact you to discuss specifics.

 Prior to the event:

  • Sign/Banner making – design and produce banners and signs. Imagination reigns!
  • Announcements Coordinator – Arrange sponsorship and key event announcements for our high school MCs
  • Compost/recycling/landfill bin design – help create the bins for the event
  • Need large water coolers for event & paper cups
  • Need people with first aid training to be on call at event
  • Projector & Screen for Speakers’ Corner – Can you provide a projector and screen for a small audience set up in the Lake House? We need you!
  • We need old lawn signs and metal stands to repurpose for the Expo
  • Loan us easels and music stands for holding signs

During the event (2-hour shifts):

  • Children’s booth volunteers – Assist youngsters in their activities
  • Education Exhibits volunteers – Greet guests and assist with exhibit
  • Composting & Recycling volunteers – Remind guests to sort their waste
  • Set-Up and Break-Down Crew – Help with Parking, Move tables and chairs, assist vendors, and clean up
  • Earth Day Ambassadors to monitor activities during the event (show up and volunteer).

To Volunteer, Contact:


Sponsored by: Sierra Club Hudson-Mohawk Group, Albany Bicycle Coalition, People of Albany United for Safe Energy (PAUSE), City of Albany and the City’s Sustainablity Advisory Committee, and Solarize Albany.

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Resolutions for People on Bicycles

Resolutions for people on bicycles who want to promote a positive image of cycling are probably best left for when the weather is more conducive for getting out on the streets.tumblr_mt3biqgEoE1qblohxo1_1280

So, here goes –

 I will –

  1.  Obey the law – stop for signs and signals especially when setting an example for people in cars or on foot . . .  and stay off the sidewalks
  2. Lube my chain and check my tires
  3. Check that my brakes work
  4. Be deferential to all pedestrians no matter how crazily they act
  5. Smile and say “good morning,” “good afternoon,” etc. to everyone I meet while riding
  6. Shop locally at locally owned businesses who hire local people and pay a fair wage
  7. Speak out on behalf of people on bicycles in a polite and non-confrontational manner
  8. Signal my stops, scan and signal my turns, and make eye contact with people in cars and on foot
  9. Support my local bike rescue and bicycle shops
  10. Wave and smile to those in cars who are bothered by my presence on a bicycle on my streets (no “one finger waves,” s.v.p.)

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Tulips and Tweed Ride – 5/9/2015 – hosted by the Mohawk-Hudson Cycling Club

Tulips and Tweed Ride – Hosted by the Mohawk-Hudson Cycling Club

Distance: 10 miles, city ride

tweed_ride_2013_20Date:  5/9/2015 

Time:  9:00 am

A civilized early morning ride through Albany’s quiet neighborhoods to Washington Park. Flat bars, fenders, tweed jackets, cardigans, and pearls strongly encouraged. Bring your camera.Tweed

Ride Contact Jonathan Benn Day of ride call 577-5943. Rain cancels ride

Location:  North Bethlehem Park, 564 Russell Rd., Albany, near intersection of Krumkill and Russell Rds. and the North Bethlehem Fire Department.

Ride Category:  Really Casual

Pace range: 10-12 mph

Terrain: Generally flat, city streets

See also:

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Albany COMMON COUNCIL Proclaims Bike Month 2015

Albany COMMON COUNCIL Proclaims Bike Month 2015 – Once again, the Common Council of the City of Albany has promoted Albany as the place for people on bicycles by proclaiming May as Bike Month 20. The resolution follows:


Council Member Golby introduced the following:

Resolution Number 21.42.15R



WHEREAS, in 2009, the City of Albany, in partnership with the Capital District Transportation Committee (CDTC) completed a Bicycle Master Plan identifying a network of bicycle routes to improve cycling as a viable mode of transportation throughout the City; and

WHEREAS, in April 2012, the Albany Common Council adopted the “Albany 2030” Comprehensive Plan which supports promoting and implementing the Bicycle Master Plan; and

WHEREAS, the growing network supports a safe and healthy transportation alternative that is paramount to achieving sustainability and enhancing the quality of life in the City; and

WHEREAS, in 2013 the Albany Common Council adopted a Complete Streets Ordinance and the Albany Police Department convened a Traffic Safety Stakeholders’ Committee that is continuing to work and focus on Engineering, Education and Enforcement efforts to promote safer streets for all users of the road; and

WHEREAS, in partnership with CDTC a Complete Streets Guidebook is being drafted, as required by the Complete Streets ordinance; and

WHEREAS, since the inception of the Bicycle Master Plan in 2008, the City of Albany has added or improved 17.4 miles of bicycle infrastructure, which includes multi-use paths, shared use markings (sharrows), signage, and bike lanes throughout the City of Albany; and

WHEREAS, the number of bike racks in Albany have increased to 344 throughout the city with an estimated total of 1446 bicycle parking spaces, all regular route Capital District Transportation Authority buses are equipped with bike racks; and

WHEREAS, each year the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) recognizes bicycle friendly communities with Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze level awards, and recognizes communities that are on the right track with Honorable Mention. The City of Albany received Honorable Mention in 2012 as a “Bicycle Friendly Community” from LAB for efforts to become more bicycle friendly. LAB feedback report stated that they were, “…impressed with the growing commitment to make Albany, NY a great place for bicyclists. The Honorable Mention given by the reviewers reflects their view that some of the key building blocks of creating a Bicycle Friendly Community are in place…;” and

WHEREAS, the LAB feedback report provided numerous recommendations to the City of Albany to make the city more bicycle friendly such as promoting active transportation by reducing traffic speeds, providing “protected bicycle infrastructure, such as cycle tracks, buffered bike lanes or parallel shared use paths” along arterial and collector roads, making intersections safer for bicyclists, and more; and

WHEREAS, in 2014, CDTC implemented the first region-wide “Bike to Work Day Workplace Challenge” where 350 people registered for bike to work day across the region, amounting to over 3,500 bicycle miles, replacing about 148 gallons of fuel, 2,900 lbs. of CO₂, and burning about 159,000 calorie. And, the City of Albany Employees team won in Albany County for having the most riders participate; and

WHEREAS, the Mayor’s Office of Energy & Sustainability was established in 2010 to coordinate energy conservation and efficiency initiatives among the municipal departments and to drive community wide efforts to become a more livable and sustainable city, which includes promoting and supporting  bicycling and other active transportation. The office’s website is; and

WHEREAS, in 2011, the Albany Common Council, recognizing the Livingston Avenue Bridge’s potential to connect a growing network of statewide multi-use trails, including the New York State Canalway Trail, the Albany County Rail Trail, and the proposed Rensselaer County Trail, passed a resolution urging State and Federal partners to re-establish the Livingston Avenue Bridge walkway at such time that the bridge is replaced and

WHEREAS, the League of American Bicyclists, the New York Bicycling Coalition, Capital Coexist, the Albany Police Department, the Albany Bicycling Coalition, and others are promoting greater public awareness of bicycle operation and safety education in an effort to reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities for all; and

WHEREAS, the Albany Police Department will participate in “Bike to School Day” and bike rodeos across the city along with the Police Athletic League; and

WHEREAS, Section 152 of the New York State Traffic Law defines “traffic” as “Pedestrians…vehicles, bicycles and other conveyances either singly or together while using any highway for the purpose of travel;” and

WHEREAS, in summary, three key components of the New York State Traffic Law that relate to bicycling are:

  • Bicyclists must ride with traffic and thus travel in the same direction as motor vehicles.
  • A bicycle is a vehicle and as such must observe all traffic laws and obey all signals, signs, and pavement markings.
  • Bicyclists must signal to turn on a roadway, a bike lane or bike path; and

WHEREAS, there are numerous events to promote bicycling, including: The Earth Day lunch time bike parade on April 22nd, The CDTC “Commuter Workshop” on Thursday April 30th, The Albany Bike Expo 2015 on Sunday, May 3rd, Bike to School Day on May 6th, National Bike-to-Work Day and the Capital Moves Bike to Work Challenge on May 15th, and The Ride of Silence on May 20th;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the City of Albany Common Council hereby proclaims May 2015 as Bike Month in the City of Albany, urges all motorists and bicyclists to follow New York State’s Vehicle and Traffic Law, and share the road respectfully and responsibly.


To:                  Mr. Nala Woodard, City Clerk

From:              Leah Golby, Council Member

Re:                  Request for Common Council Legislation

Supporting Memorandum

Date:               April 20, 2015



RESOLUTION OF THE COMMON COUNCIL PROCLAIMING MAY 2015 AS BIKE       MONTH IN     THE CITY OF ALBANY                                                                          


To promote bicycle safety and awareness for bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists, and to promote the environmental and health benefits of bicycle riding during bike month and throughout the year.                                                                                                                           


It is important that members of the public understand bicycle safety. No change to existing law.  


It is requested that this be passed prior to May to provide ample time to promote May as Bike Month.                 

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