Eight Reasons to Cycle to Work

1.You’ll save a load of money – The average cycle commuter saves a whopping £285 (US$444) per month. Think of all of the gorgeous bike accessories you could buy with that. Save up over a couple of months and you could even head abroad on a cycling holiday!


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2. Improve your skills – Your commute offers a great way to improve certain skills on the bike. You can even use your commute for some interval training. Believe us, you’ll start to notice the differences on your weekly club ride!

3. It’ll help keep stress at bay – Cycling to work reduces stress levels considerably. Riding your bike to and from work gives you the chance to get some fresh air and gives you the space to think clearly about your day ahead or leave behind the stress of the day. By the time you return home from work the endorphins from the exercise will have you in flying form, making you a much more pleasant person to be around!

4. You’ll keep fit AND save time! – It is an excellent use of time. If like many women you are trying to juggle a million different things at once, it is understandable that exercise often gets relegated to the bottom of the list. Cycling to work will ensure you get exercise every day and is often quicker than taking public transport so you may actually end up saving time!


5. You’ll always be one step ahead – There is no doubt that you will be wide awake by the time you reach the office. Your cheeks will have a rosy glow and you will be ready for action, unlike your colleagues who’ll be slumped by the coffee machine in an attempt to face the day ahead!

Those who cycle to work are even said to take less sick days than their colleagues, a point that can be raised with your boss when you are negotiating your next pay rise.

6. Save the planet – Global warming is a serious problem. And there is no better way to save the planet than to actively reduce your personal C02 emissions.

7. Fair-weather commuter? No problem! – Don’t be put off by the thought of commuting in the rain. It is perfectly acceptable to be a fair-weather commuter: the majority of cyclists ride in to work 3 times a week. Although if you do decide to brave it in any weather, fear not, there are some really incredible winter warmers and waterproof options out there which will ensure a more comfortable ride.


8. Cycling does not mean you have to sacrifice style – Cycling a bike and style go hand in hand. If you don’t believe us then check out the style sections of Total Women’s Cycling. We have covered everything to the most stylish commuter shoes, helmets and pannier bags on the market to make-up options and helmet friendly hairstyles. You’ll be hot to trot as soon as you hop off the bike.

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  1. Claire

    Nice post!! Summer and Fall are a perfect time to get started on your bicycle commute! I recommend riding the route you choose on a non-work day first, just keep in mind that traffic may be different during your actual commute days and times.

    Riding the route on a non-work day will give you an idea of how long the ride will take and if there are any “special” situations or road conditions. The streets are a different place when you are on your bike!! But for all the benefits Lorenz mentioned, bike commuting will become the best part of your day!!
    I’d like to add a ninth reason: you will become the coolest person in your workplace!

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