Make Big Bucks With Your Bicycle

Free Delivery TNY 6-2-14 001 COMP Alert reader Frank forwarded an article from the Sierra Club journal under its “green biz” section on people pumping their pedals to provide services. tumblr_md5rz9QcHn1qakvm6o1_1280 Ruthy Woodring of Pedal People hauls away trash and recyclables in Northampton, Massachusetts (which seems to not have curbside collection).  Her company is a cooperative of 16 workers who collect trash and recyclables for 600 customers.  The longest distance between a customer and the transfer station is 3 miles with a typical route requiring 3 trips averaging 15 to 20 miles on trailers with 300 pound capacity.  Their biggest customer is the city – the Pedal People has 80 trash and recycling bins in the downtown.   Further north, Julien Myette founded a bike-and-trailer moving company, Demenagement Myette, in Montreal and has been in operation since 2008.  Demenagement Myette has about 500 customers per year, employs 15 people (during peak season), and uses 4-wheel trailers holding 600 pounds.  Loads include beds, washing machines, armoires – all but pianos.  Since Montreal is densely urban, the average move is less than 2 miles.  Myette notes that driving a truck cost half an hour trying to park. tumblr_n35qi9fBxT1t1f3c0o1_400 Locally, there was a bread delivery service in the Delaware Ave. area and a compost pickup in Troy.  Anyone knowing of someone operating a bicycle-powered service is encouraged to comment.


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