But is it Art?

This is old news, but interesting on a rainy day.How Not to Lock Up 10-7-13

The Kryptonite-4 is in the New York City Museum of Modern art having achieved that status by being rated as having high quality and historical significance. The museum’s assistant curator for architecture and design stated “the lock is simple, a very good solution to the problem.”
Big Lock 10-7-13
Michael Zane is the man behind the U-shaped Kryptonite-4. Zane (an art and history major in college) obtained manufacturing rights for the Kryptonite-4 in 1972 from the original owner and, with his father, created the current plastic-sleeved, sleek design.

So lock up and be proud.

But remember Sheldon Brown’s advice – “A U-lock should go around the rear rim and tire, somewhere inside the rear triangle of the frame. There is no need to loop it around the seat tube as well, because the wheel cannot be pulled through the rear triangle.”

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