Riding in Albany – August 2013

There was quite a variety on the streets today – and here’s the proof.
Two in “super hero costumes” going north on S. Lake Ave.

A gaggle of “youth” bicycles at a Ridgefield Park event – a nice sign of urban living and children using their bicycles for “local-motion.”
Basic city transposition on Lark St. – mountain bike and back pack.
Three enjoying a slow ride through Washington Park.

A “city bike” complete with basket, horn, rack, fat white tires, and a coffee holder – but being carried on a car instead of ridden. (Don’t know about that squishy Huffy Seat!)???????????????????????????????

Couple on a tandem cruising past the Downtube Bicycle Works clearly loaded for travel and having a great time???????????????????????????????

Going east on the wilds of Madison Ave. on a “lady’s cruiser” – probably looking for some air for that rear tire.
A “knitted bicycle” in the window of the Madison Theater along with beautiful framed bicycle photos from around the world.

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