APD Chief Krokoff’s Traffic Safety Initiative.

A Moment of Silence - BLOG 8-3-13 Albany Bicycle Coalition calls for safe cycling and offers support for APD Chief Krokoff’s “Traffic Safety” initiative.

August 3, 2013

Steven Krokoff, Chief
Albany Police Department
165 Henry Johnson Blvd.
Albany, New York 12210

Dear Chief Krokoff:

Thank you for your briefing at the July 17, 2013 meeting of the Safety Committee of the Albany Common Council. We found your planned approach to be both enlightening and encouraging. We are most interested in your plans and in working with the Albany Police Department to help on them.

We in the Albany Bicycle Coalition are concerned about cyclist behavior as it relates to their safety and to that of transit riders, pedestrians, motor vehicle operators, and, in fact, other cyclists. Our observations and those of other experienced cyclists suggest that much of the flagrant behavior is not malicious or intentional but rather derives from ignorance, lack of training, and a lack of appreciation of the impact on other road users. Our particular concerns are these:

– Riding against traffic – that is, on the left side (usually in the erroneous belief that this is safer)
– Racing (as opposed to coasting) through red lights and stop signs
– Riding on the sidewalk by those 10 years of age and older
– Riding the wrong way on one-way streets

As cycling increases in the city, and as more and more untrained or inexperienced cyclists take to the streets, we can expect an increase in the incidence of these adverse behaviors. As mentioned, we look to the Albany Police Department to develop a non-punitive way of addressing these issues.

We in the Albany Bicycle Coalition would like to support and, in fact, participate in this effort. To that end, would you consider meeting with the leadership of ABC this coming fall to brief us on your ideas and to outline how we might contribute?


Albany Bicycle Coalition

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