Bike Racks Gone Bad

???????????????????????????????It was great to see that the re-designed Hanaford Supermarket at Colvin and Central now features a new bicycle rack!

Regrettably, the rack is the comb style to which it is quite difficult to lock a frame. The rack is parallel to the sidewalk (see pic) in such a way that a “parked” bicycle will extend about 3/4 across the sidewalk making walking difficult and placing one’s front wheel in the path of a 300-pound cart of groceries.
In conferring with the store manager, he informed me that the size and style of rack was what given to him and that he had asked for two “half racks” placed perpendicular to the building such that bicycles would be parallel to the store and out of the pedestrian way. His choice was to put the incorrect rack visibly in front of the store or in the correct rack in the wrong position off on the side of the store out of sight.

In closing, one must note that, to commemorate the “grand reopening,” Hanaford gave a $1,000 to a nearby food pantry. So they get an A+ for goodness and an “A for effort” on the bicycle rack.

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