Pine Hills Embraces Option 5A

(After the City of Albany’s recent public meeting on the Madison Avenue Traffic Calming study, the Pine Hills Neighborhood Association put forth the following statement in support of Traffic Calming.  Some slight editorial changes made by ABC.  This statement seems consistent with opinions expressed by many at the April 16, 2013 presentation.)

 The Pine Hills Neighborhood Association’s strong preference is for Alternative 5, which includes both restriping from 4 to 3 lanes (including a turn lane) AND traffic signal coordination.  The association believes that both components must go together in order to produce a design that has the best chance of being funded.  In terms of options, we also support Option A, which calls for sharrows [shared lane bicycle markings].

We understand that the next stage of this road diet project includes Phase 3 (design phase).  In anticipation of the Albany Common Council’s passing of its Complete Streets legislation, would it not make sense for Phase 3 to include an entire Complete Streets design for Madison Avenue?  Having a fully worked out plan for Madison Ave. will put Albany in a good position to apply for grants that are earmarked for Complete Streets and other public safety transportation funds.

 In anticipation of getting to this point in the process, we approached our NYS representatives a couple of years ago about implementation funds.  Once we have a design, we will remind them of their support and commitment.  We will continue to work with state and federal agencies to advocate for funds necessary to make Madison Avenue safer for all users.

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