See What’s Comin’ with the Sunlite Deluxe 11.5″ Bicycle Mirror

Want a great mirror for your upright “city bicycle”?


With a little tweaking, the Sunlite Deluxe will fill the bill.  You can order through Amazon or directly from the retailer, Bicycle Source US

Through Amazon, the mirror was $11.99 with free shipping (Feb 2, 2013) whereas the retailer offers chrome or black at $17.99 (+ $6.95 shipping) (April 8, 2013).  ???????????????????????????????It was not available per my preference at local bicycle shops with which I checked.

This is s high quality product and installation is straightforward.  The 11.5” arm is practical and the 3.5 X 5” mirror face is the biggest I have ever seen. 

In my bicycle’s case, I had to bend the arm somewhat to get a better view around my left arm. 


Protecting the threads with 2.5” of snugly fitting of 9/16” o.d. Tygon hose, I clamped the threads in a BIG vise and bent the arm with a BIG wrench cushioned by a double fold of heavy cardboard.  This is a trail-and-error project, and I may have to do another bending session.

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