Where Can I Ride? It’s All About NOW

Want to measure progress on implementation of Albany’s Bicycle Master Plan?  See the “Complete Updates” map.

In 2009, Albany issued its approved Albany Bicycle Master Plan.  This was later adopted by the Albany Common Council within “Albany 2030,” the governing master plan for the entire city.

The ABMP featured a “20-Year Bikeway Network Plan”, an ambitious look forward to major routes, neighborhood bikeways, trails and greenways, and connecting bikeways outside the city limits.  IBI Group Consultants prepared this visionary map under contract with Albany’s Planning Office with input from hundreds of cyclists and other interested persons.

Beginning in 2010 (when Albany boasted about 500 feet (!) of marked bicycle lanes), the city has forged ahead starting with bicycle lanes on Clinton Ave. (0.8 miles) and shared lanes/signs on Washington Ave. (0.6 miles).

Shared Lanes

Shared Lanes

As the city has repaved streets (2012 has been a banner year for this much-needed effort), it has marked many of them with the shared lane icons and signage.  These include Delaware-Lark, Academy, and portions of Western, Main, Manning, Lincoln, New Scotland, Hackett, McCarty and others.

So here’s an idea – print out the “Complete Updates” map and then invite a friend(s) to cruise around the city to visit all the completed sections.  Then – call the mayor during his Friday morning radio talk show (9:00-10:00 AM, 476-1300, AM 1300) and say “thanks.”

(Check back with the Mayor’s Office of Energy and Sustainability for updates.)

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