Battenkill Invitational Pro UCI 1.2

Tomorrow at 12 PM, road bike racers from all over the globe will begin a grueling 124 mile race around upstate New York. The invitational race boasts over fifteen grand in prize money. Expect. Pure. Chaos.

It’s not all about the race.

  1. Ride a marathon with three time Tour de France winner Greg Lemond at 8 Am.
  2. Take the kids on tour of Cambridge between 2:30 and 3PM.
  3. Bid on art in a silent auction for one-of-a-kind piece by former pro, Doug Dale.
  4. Check out the steller expo all day. Find the booth with chocolate milk. It’s awesome!

More Here, Tour of the Battenkill

Today, amateur racers battle for their place on the podium. I played the official’s role. Told racers when they crossed the center line. Wrote down their number as they were dropped from the peloton. There were tons of flats. One older gentleman had two flats and a tire around his neck. He wasn’t in our group so we didn’t stop.

The course is filled with steep climbs, sand pits, stones the size of fists, and high winds. It will be great to see the invitational race tomorrow. My camera’s ready, is yours?

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